Nativescript, and Legacy Code
(released 31/10/2015)
We have 2 presentations this month. Peter Messenger will be talking about Nativescript and David Williams will be running us through his experiences working at updating a legacy code base.

October meeting
(released 1/10/2015)
This month we'll be talking about Game Development with Adam Hulbert and Conan Bourke.

(released 2/09/2015)
We're hosting a YOW! night this month, in conjunction with the YOW! conference.

(released 31/07/2015)
We'll be back in August with Ben Hallett talking about the language that's got everyone interested Elixir. We have some prizes and giveaways.

Azure: Desktop, Web and Mobile
(released 25/06/2015)
Join Technical Evangelist Paul Usher as he shares his experience and war stories on building real world applications around Microsoft Azure. See where hybrid solutions can be used and learn how to create a mobile application that can target all three major platforms quickly, easily and directly inside Visual Studio. It won’t just be a show and tell, Paul loves to have engaging discussions with developers about all things cool.

(released 26/05/2015)
We're halfway through our tenth year and the June meeting is just over a week away. This month Dave Glover will be doing a demonstration of the internet of things.

Infracoding, and S.O.L.I.D
(released 1/05/2015)
We have two speakers this month and another JetBrains licence to give away.Klee Thomas will be speaking on the S.O.L.I.D. principles of Software Design and Mathew Finch on Infracoding.

April Meeting
(released 26/03/2015)
Our next meeting is scheduled for April First. Don't worry it's not a joke. We'll have two speakers this time. We'll have local developer Vinay Cardoza from Pegasus and Steve Cooper from BrainTree/Paypal and Battle Hack.

What's new in VS 2015 and ALM 2015?
(released 24/02/2015)
It's almost March and the next meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group features regular presenter Adam Cogan from SSW. He's always entertaining and this time will be talking about the latest version of VS 2015, including the latest additions to assist with your Application Lifecycle Management.

Telerik Deep Dive and Demo-palooza
(released 29/01/2015)
We're back for 2015. It's our 10th year and we're looking to make it our biggest year yet.

Last Meeting for the Year
(released 2/12/2014)
This month we've got Peter Messenger who will give a presentation on Debugging and writing better HTML5 websites. Andrew Stace and John Roach will be in to talk about the recent Hackathon they participated in. It should be a great night.

Agile keeps MinLog Agile
(released 29/10/2014)
This month we have Klee Thomas and John Roach talking about how they’ve iterated their Agile process to help keep MinLog agile.

Xamarin, and Global day of Coderetreat
(released 24/09/2014)
This month we have two presentations. Andrew Coates from Microsoft will complete his series of presentations on cross platform development with Xamarin. Our second presentation will be Klee Thomas giving a primer on the Global day of Coderetreat which is coming up in November.

What's New in Visual Studio + ALM
(released 26/08/2014)
Winter is nearly over and that means It’s time for the September meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group. This month we welcome back regular presenter Adam Cogan. Adam will be giving us a run down on what’s new in Visual Studio.

Focus on your Apps, switch on your Backend
(released 23/07/2014)
Our presenter this month is Kultar Khatra from Embarcadero Technologies.

MVVM Pattern and Automated Testing
(released 27/06/2014)
This month we have two presentations from John Roach and Klee Thomas. First up they’ll be talking about their experiences working with the MVVM pattern. They’ll follow up with a talk on automated testing, again focusing on how they apply automated testing techniques to their work with MVVM pattern.

Visual Studio, Xamarin and MvvmCross - Part II
(released 27/05/2014)
This month we've got regular presenter Andrew Coates returning to talk about cross platform development again. Going into more detail on the use of Xamarin and Visual Studio.

Visual Studio with Xamarin, and Phone Games
(released 23/04/2014)
The May meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group is just around the corner. This month we've got two great and highly relevant topics. Regular presenter Andrew Coates is returning to talk about cross platform development. First time presenter Steve Yap is going to talk about the business of phone games.

Developing a Secure Web Application
(released 27/03/2014)
This session is useful for anyone who has ever deployed, or will be deploying an application on the internet.

(released 3/03/2014)
With version 3.1 out in beta, it's time to take another look at the Knockout javascript Framework for developing mobile web applications.

Mobile App Development
(released 30/01/2014)
This month, Damien Bootsma from Embarcadero will be making the trek to Newcastle to showcase Embarcadero's cross platform mobile development studio and to discuss some of the 'traps for young players'.

Code Retreat
(released 29/11/2013)
I'm happy to announce that we're holding a Code Retreat, here in Newcastle.

November Meeting
(released 5/11/2013)
This month John Roach is talking about continuous integration.

Raspberry Pi
(released 30/09/2013)
This month, we're looking at the Raspberry Pi.

Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2013
(released 24/08/2013)

Since TechEd is coming up, the Newcastle Coders Group will meet 1 week early! I'm pleased to announce that this month we'll be getting a preview of a TechEd talk from Adam Cogan of SSW and Sydney Dot Net User Group fame. He'll be talking about what's new in Visual Studio 2013 and the ALM + Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2013 story

July Meeting
(released 2/07/2013)
This month will be a bit different. Klee Thomas will facilitate a discussion meeting.

Clean Up in June
(released 4/06/2013)
This month John and Klee from Minlog are back to talk about Clean Code!

Access or Lightswitch
(released 29/04/2013)
I feel the love again! Access is back vs the newcomer, Lightswitch.

April Meeting
(released 28/03/2013)
The April meeting is on Wednesday of next week and this month Peter Drew will be here to talk about Extending Visual Studio.

Windows 8 Apps
(released 1/03/2013)
It's almost march and this month we're talking Windows 8 Applications development with David Williams.

First Meeting for the Year
(released 5/02/2013)
This month we're talking about online storage and how it can be used within your applications to provide portable data. Peter Messenger will show us what solutions are available and will demonstrate how to use online storage in an Android application.

Visual Studio and TFS 2012
(released 3/12/2012)
This month Adam Cogan will be here to talk about the latest update to Visual Studio and TFS 2012.

Social Night for November
(released 6/11/2012)
This month's meeting has been postponed until Wednesday of NEXT week(14th), and we've decided to make it a Social night.

TouchDevelop for Windows Phone
(released 28/09/2012)
October is almost upon us and this month we're happy to have Andrew Coates back to talk about TouchDevelop for Windows Phone.

SOLID, and Integrating MS Office into your Web Applications
(released 3/09/2012)
This month, we've got SOLID programming principles with John Roach and Klee Uhrig-Thomas. Second we'll be hearing from Peter Messenger on integrating MS Office into your Web Applications.

Azure Cloud Data Services
(released 27/07/2012)
The August meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group will be on Wednesday 1st of August. This month, Azure cloud data services with Mehmet Ozdemir from SSW.

MS Platforms Games Development
(released 2/07/2012)
This month, Luke Drumm will return to talk about developing for various MS gaming platforms.

The Power of Indepth Code Reviewing in VS11
(released 4/06/2012)
A walk-through of how to conduct a thorough code review using the New Visual Studio 2012 (VS11).

NCG Meeting for May
(released 27/04/2012)
The coders group is meeting next week and this time, Adam Stephensen from Superior Software for Windows will be talking about Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio and TFS

April Meeting
(released 2/04/2012)
Adam Cogan will be here this week to talk Programming Architecture, Patterns and Visual Studio 11.

Web User Interfaces for the Enterprise
(released 2/03/2012)
The Newcastle Coders Group are meeting next week on Wednesday 7th March. This month Jeremy Child and Peter Drew (Hey...that's me!) present "Web User Interfaces for the Enterprise".

First Meeting for 2012
(released 30/01/2012)
The Newcastle Coders Group is back for 2012, on Wednesday 1st February. This month we'll be hearing from Alex Retzlaf on the ExtJS web framework, and how implemented it with Websync and RavenDB.

Kendo UI
(released 5/12/2011)
The December meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group is THIS week and will mark the end of our sixth year. This month John Bristowe, Developer Evangelist at Telerik will be talking about UI development with Kendo UI.

Interface Usability
(released 31/10/2011)
The November meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group is THIS week and it will be a great night! This month we're pleased to welcome back Adam Cogan, who will be talking about Interface Usability.

October Meeting
(released 29/09/2011)
This month we’ll be hearing from a former NCG member Ashleigh Farnham.  Ashleigh will be returning to Newcastle for a presentation on OData, while Justin “JT” Taylor will be returning to talk about his recent trip to the Build Conference in Anaheim.

Two great speakers this month!
(released 6/09/2011)
This month we will have two speakers: Brendan Forster from Readify on Frameworks for making awesome XAML apps and Peter Messenger from QMASTOR on Ten things you need to know to develop GREAT websites.

August Meeting This Week
(released 1/08/2011)
The Newcastle Coders Group will be meeting this Wednesday. This month Justin 'JT' Taylor from Readify will be here to talk about the love story between HTML 5 and silverlight.

The server is slow, and you're to blame ...
(released 1/07/2011)
Anyone who has written code to interact with databases has horror stories: programmers generally write inefficient queries, badly design schemas, and generally don't understand set theory. So, this month we'll be we'll hear from Peter Ward about the most important things you should know about SQL server, but never learned. Please note - this is NOT a DBA talk, but will focus on the things PROGRAMMERS need to know about SQL Server.

Effective Ajax Websites
(released 31/05/2011)
The June meeting was going to conflict with ReMix - so we decided to push it back until Wednesday 8th June. This month Peter Messenger returns to talk about how to easily make effective AJAX websites.

May Meeting
(released 29/04/2011)
This month, Alex Retzlaf will demonstrate the demodealer application and talk about how the decision to use MVC affected the development process.

Developing Apps for Windows Phone 7
(released 4/04/2011)
The Newcastle Coders Group are meeting this week on Wednesday 6th April. Peter Messenger is back this month to talk about development for the Windows Phone 7.

MVC for ASP.NET for March
(released 8/03/2011)
The Newcastle Coders Group are meeting this week on Wednesday 9th March 2011. This month I'll be talking about Microsoft's MVC framework from the perspective of a Web Forms developer.

This Month's Meeting Postponed
(released 1/03/2011)
We've had a few speaker issues this month, so we're moving the meeting to next Wednesday. (Wednesday 9th March)

NCG Meeting for February
(released 1/02/2011)
The Newcastle Coders Group is back for 2011 on Wednesday 2nd February. This month we'll be hearing from Andrew Coates on developing business applications with LightSwitch.

(released 14/01/2011)
For those of you who can't wait for February, I heard Richard Banks was in town giving SCRUM training

5th Anniversary Meeting Tomorrow
(released 7/12/2010)
The next meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group is Tomorrow! I'm pleased to announce that we will be moving to a new venue - the ICT building at Newcastle University. David Williams will present an introduction to Windows Azure based on his recent real world experience. I'm bringing in my new Windows Phone 7 to give a short demonstration. Don't forget we're giving away the MSDN subscription tomorrow

December Meeting Postponed
(released 1/12/2010)
The first Wednesday of the month has arrived and unfortunately circumstances require that the December meeting will need to be moved to next week.

Competition to Celebrate 5th Anniversary
(released 18/11/2010)
The December meeting is just a couple of weeks away. (1st December 2010) I'm pleased to announce that it will mark the 5th anniversary of the Newcastle Coders Group. I'm going to announce the speaker closer to the event, but this email is to tell you all about the competition that we will be running over the next fortnight.

Social Night for November
(released 1/11/2010)
The November meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group is this week!

Android Smartphone Development
(released 30/09/2010)
The Newcastle Coders Group is on Wednesday 6th October. Peter Messenger will be returning to talk about his latest interest, development for the Android smartphone.

Microsoft's Open source Dynamic Language Runtime
(released 30/08/2010)
The Newcastle Coders Group is next meeting on Wednesday 1st September. This month we'll be hearing from Nick Hodge about Dynamic languages.

Ruby and T4 for August
(released 2/08/2010)
The August meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group is this Wednesday. This month we have Chris Darroch introducing Ruby to the NCG and Peter Drew (hey...that's me!) talking about code generation with T4.

Geolocation and Windows Phone 7 for July
(released 5/07/2010)
This month two great presenters and two great topics! First up, Tatham Oddie rides the Geolocation wave. Secondly, Luke Drumm will demonstrate Windows Phone 7, with a particular focus on Silverlight and XNA.

Two great presentations this month
(released 31/05/2010)
Peter Messenger will be introducing the MVVM framework. Alex Retzlaf will be demonstrating the Tenfold methodology.

Cloud Applications with VS and Windows Azure
(released 30/04/2010)
The Newcastle Coders Group is next meeting on Wednesday 5th May. This month we'll be hearing from Andrew Coates on the Rapid Development of Cloud Applications with Visual Studio and Windows Azure.

Microsoft PerformancePoint 2010 (Part of SharePoint 2010)
(released 30/03/2010)
The Newcastle Coders Group next meet on Wednesday 7th April. This month our topic will be Microsoft PerformancePoint 2010 (Part of SharePoint 2010) by Adam Cogan

March Meeting
(released 8/03/2010)
This month Peter Drew will be presenting an "Introduction to Silverlight".

March Meeting Postponed
(released 2/03/2010)
We won't be meeting this week, but we will be meeting NEXT Wednesday (March 10th, put it in your calendar now!) - so for only the second time ever in our four year history, we will be postponing this Wednesday's meeting.

Test Driven Development
(released 1/02/2010)
It's the first month back for the Newcastle Coders Group in 2010.

Spatial Data in SQL Server 2008
(released 27/11/2009)
The December meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group is coming up fast!  This month, Andrew Coates returns to talk to us about programming against Spatial Data in SQL Server 2008.  This meeting also marks 4 years of coders group meetings.

Getting The Most out of SQL Server Profiler
(released 22/09/2009)
The October meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group is just over two weeks away. This month I’m very pleased to announce that our presenter will be Brad McGehee from Red Gate software who will show you how to get the most out of SQL Server Profiler.

What on in September?
(released 1/09/2009)
This month Corneliu Tusnea is returning to talk about Parallel Programming in .Net 4.0. Our own Peter Messenger will be talking about developing games and applications for Xbox 360 using XNA. It should be a great night!

Two Great Topics for August
(released 31/07/2009)
Eliminating no-repro bugs with MS VS Team Test 2010, and Flash/Flex and Silverlight from a management perspective

Tatham Oddie on 4.0
(released 30/06/2009)
July's meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group be on Wednesday the 1st of July and once again we've got an exciting presentation from a great speaker.

How to make 'cool' interfaces, Ruby Development, and 4.0
(released 29/05/2009)
The June meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group is on Wednesday of next week and it’s going to be a big one with three terrific presentations.

Venue Change
(released 5/05/2009)
We're moving the location of the event tomorrow out to the university.

Sharepoint Part 2
(released 1/05/2009)
Come join us as we learn how the largest public SharePoint site in Australia ( got up and running.

Debugging the World
(released 27/03/2009)
Leave F5 to the beginners and debug anywhere, anytime.

Breaking News
(released 4/02/2009)
CSA have generously offered to support the NCG this month by providing food and drink.

Aspect Oriented Programming
(released 30/01/2009)
We're back in 2009 with more great presentations on the latest techniques and technology in coding.

Sharepoint, Web Security and an MSDN Subscription
(released 26/11/2008)
December is fast approaching and we have a fantastic meeting planned. It's our last meeting for the year and it marks our third anniversary so don't miss this one!

Cloud Computing and MS's Azure
(released 29/10/2008)
Microsoft have announced their entry into the world of cloud computing at the PDC conference this week.

Lua and World of Warcraft
(released 29/09/2008)
This month the topic will be the Lua programming language ... And how to expand the World of Warcraft. MVC Framework
(released 1/09/2008)
Next week is Tech-ed week down in Sydney. To avoid conflicts, we've decided to move the coders group meeting back to the second week of September!

Intro to MS Integration Services
(released 5/08/2008)
It's almost time for the August meeting. This month Peter Drew will talk on the topic "An Introduction to MS Integration Services".

Adam Cogan and Ian Walker back for July
(released 29/06/2008)
July's meeting will present Adam Cogan demonstrating LINQ, and Ian Walker talking about VS2k8, W2k8 and SQL2k8 from a 64-bit development point of view.

It's the ORM Smackdown!
(released 2/06/2008)
One night only at the Newcastle Coders Group: Adam Cogan and Justin King will face off developing an application using two different ORM (Object Relational Mapping) technologies ...

May 7th - VS2008, MS Office, MS Server, Silverlight
(released 2/05/2008)
This month: Andrew Coates on Office Development, Ian Walker on Server Development and Deepak Kapoor on Silverlight.

Social Night Wednesday 2nd
(released 1/04/2008)
The first Wednesday of April is fast upon us. It’s time for another social gathering, so we’ll hit the town this Wednesday 2nd April starting at our usual time of 6pm-ish.

March meeting
(released 28/02/2008)
This month's presentation is titled "Techniques of Test-Driven Development" and will be presented by Stephen New.

2008 Off to a Flying Start
(released 1/02/2008)
This month Yi Su will be talking to us about the Spring framework.

NCG Birthday
(released 22/11/2007)
December is a milestone for the Newcastle Coders Group, marking two years since we started.

November Meeting
(released 6/11/2007)
The next meeting of the Newcastle Coders Group is on Wednesday 7th November. That’s this Wednesday!

October Meeting
(released 3/10/2007)
October is upon us and the next meeting of the Newcastle coders group is this Wednesday. This month we'll be featuring Tatham Oddie who will be discussing how to utilise Windows Live Web Services.

September NCG Meeting
(released 4/09/2007)
The September meeting of the coders group is this week!  This meeting will feature Pasi Karjanmaa from Compuware talking about Model Driven Architecture.  We will also be hearing from David Cobbin from Forsythes who will demonstrate how best to use virtualisation to setup a testing environment.

August Meeting
(released 27/07/2007)
Visual Business Rule Modeling

July is here!
(released 29/06/2007)
July is upon us, and this month's presentation will be on Object Relation Mapping Issues and Solultions, as well as a demonstration of MS Visual Studio 2008 beta (Orcas).

It's the June Meeting!
(released 31/05/2007)
This month, Adam Cogan will be back to talk to introduce Microsoft CRM.

May meeting
(released 27/04/2007)
Exciting News! The Newcastle Coders group is moving to a new venue.

Meeting Wednesday 11th April 2007
(released 4/04/2007)

Paul Stovell presents Windows Presentation Foundation and Andrew Parsons presents Visual Studio 2005 tips on Wednesday the 11th of April.

Meeting - April 2007
(released 27/03/2007)

Two Meetings: Thursday the 29th of March, Charles 'Chuck' Sterling AND Wednesday the 11th of April Paul Stovell & Andrew Parsons.

March Meeting
(released 7/03/2007)

March Meeting Cancelled!

First Meeting for 2007
(released 2/02/2007)

The first meeting for 2007 will be on Wednesday 7th February. Come and hear Tatham Oddie talk about making ASP.NET do you want rather than what IIS thinks you want.

Meeting 2006 December
(released 29/11/2006)

December's meeting will be our 1st anniversary of bringing some of the best technical speakers in Australia to the Hunter. We're very much looking forward to continuing to do so into 2007 ...

Meeting 2006 November
(released 29/10/2006)

SQL Server is a technology used extensively by many of us in the production of Software.  But how many of us use it effectively?  On Wednesday, November 1st at the Newcastle Coders Group Adam Cogan will present - SQL Server 2005: Advanced Indexing Strategies. 

Meeting 2006 October
(released 5/10/2006)

Stephen New presents "Personal Experiences With Pair Programming"

Meeting 2006 September
(released 6/09/2006)

Paul Stovell from Readify on Windows Forms 2.0 Data Binding and Asynchronous Business Objects.

Social Night 2006 August
(released 17/08/2006)
Drinks at The Exchange

Meeting 2006 August
(released 2/08/2006)

Nicholas Roberts on Dot Net Nuke.

Meeting 2006 July
(released 5/07/2006)

Heath Raftery on Object-Oriented Concepts with OpenGL

Meeting 2006 June
(released 7/06/2006)

Charles Sterling on Developing for Windows Vista and Office 2007

Meeting 2006 May
(released 3/05/2006)

Trevor Mullen on Dot Net Nuke and Adam Cogan on Project Management (Continued) and Visual Studio Team System.

Meeting 2006 April
(released 5/04/2006)

Tatham Oddie demonstrates ATLAS

Meeting 2006 March
(released 1/03/2006)

Adam Cogan on IT Project Managment and Billy Hollis on Extensibility Providers and Code Addiction.

Meeting 2006 February
(released 8/02/2006)

Andrew Coates demonstrates Visual Studio Tools for Office.

Meeting 2005 December
(released 14/12/2005)

The Newcastle Coders Group held its first meeting at TESA's office in Cardiff. 

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